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March 2010
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By Jay Hilton

March 17th 2010

Dotworkz Ring of Fire

Dotworkz Ring of Fire outdoor camera housing is an ideal solution for extreme cold weather camera deployments that require 100% up time, operation critical video surveillance. The Ring of Fire enclosures are compatible with 99% of all IP, Analog, and H.264 cameras, from all camera manufactures.

The Ring of Fire was originally developed for ski resort web attraction that required constant operation in the most extreme storm events. The application was then refined and proven in arctic environments for commercial, scientific, and research applications, in the most extreme polar latitudes.

Dotworkz Ring of Fire enclosures are deployed in the coldest weather applications such as Alaska, Canada, and around the world. There is no latitude too extreme for the tried and tested Ring of Fire for applications along oil pipelines, in industrial complexes, for highway condition cameras, and citywide deployments in some of the largest northern and eastern cities. Unlike generic heater blower enclosures, the Ring of Fire surrounds the camera with a thermostatically controlled heater ring, where your camera, wireless and other video solutions investment is fully protected. Further, the Ring of Fire's high output fans circulate the heat evenly to the lens and around your camera and vital electronics, keeping the lens and housing defogged and clear of ice and snow.

All of Dotworkz enclosure systems are fully sealed. The D-Series is IP66 NEMA 4X and the NEW S-Type is IP67 rated, for low maintenance and optimal camera and accessory protection. All Dotworkz enclosures are vandal tough enclosures that have set a new standard for the toughest, most extreme environment housings.

Dotworkz Ring of Fire enclosures were deployed in the recent Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. The Ring of Fire protected many live webcam broadcasts in High Definition quality with the new Axis Q1755 IP camera throughout the entire span of events.

The Dotworkz Ring of Fire environmental option is available integrated into the D-Series for PTZ cameras and mini-domes, and the SE-Series, and soon to be released S-Type enclosures for static or fixed brick style cameras. For a list complete list of Dotworkz Distributors click here.

By Steve Rosenbloom

March 17th 2010

Dotworkz Integrators speak out about living on the Edge

The EDGE used to be a scary place... well not so much anymore. The Dotworkz D-Series XERO (zero bandwidth) Network Video Recorder removes the fear of recording video at the edge. With its embedded Windows platform, rugged design, low wattage and great storage capacity you can confidently work at the edge without fear. This great machine will allow you to be creative in designing surveillance projects with endless possibilities.

Let me bring you a few steps closer to the edge with some ideas on how you can use the XERO. One of the most common placements of the XERO is at construction sites. When the XERO is housed with a camera and a wireless radio in a Dotworkz Enclosure, it becomes a simple to install self-contained system. No need to figure out how to bring in the Ethernet or where to store the video. It's all there when you need it. How about remote locations like power sub-stations, wind farms, and non-urban parks where wired and wireless solutions just won't work. There are hundreds of these locations where the answer used to be "No" to video surveillance.

Here's what a couple of our integration partners have to say about these devices:

"In one of our many XERO deployments, we are installing the XERO into neighborhood Speed Limit Trailers. We added our Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) software to the XERO and the National Law Enforcement database. When criminals pass by the trailer, an email is triggered which is instantly sent to the 911 dispatcher and watch commander for the local law enforcement jurisdiction."

"The XERO's size and low wattage consumption make it perfect for these applications."    Dave Platt, Bearcom Wireless Worldwide

"The XERO provides us with an absolutely unique and well-designed solution that allows us to deploy an IP Video Recording solution in areas with highly constrained bandwidth. We can use the Xero in a standalone manner or as a building block for more complex solutions in just about any situation."    Bob Kusche, Ojo Technologies

If you are wondering where to put the XERO, we have that covered also. They fit easily in our D Series PTZ Enclosures (with the camera of your choice). Click here more information.

Monthly Quiz

Our first Active Cooled COOLDOME™ was first deployed where?

    1)  Las Vegas as a popular pool cam.
    2)  Egypt to watch the pyramids.
    3)  Sky harbor airport in Phoenix, AZ.
    4)  Baghdad Iraq Green Zone.
Answer the question correctly and get a chance to win a $25.00 gift card from Starbucks. Please send your response to with the subject "March - Quiz of the Month". You have until the end of the month to send us your entry, good luck!

By Consuela Headrick

March 17th 2010

Dotworkz Staff Party

As the newest member to the Dotworkz family, I was extremely pleased when my coworkers told me that the Company party was coming up. I thought I'd missed it, since I was hired right before the New Year and expected these folks had already had the typical right-before-Christmas holiday party. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was secretly eager to catch a glimpse of how everyone acted under the influence of Prosperity (drinks and a hearty meal) after a hard days' work.

To begin with, every single person in the Dotworkz crew is sincerely friendly. So in this after-hours atmosphere everyone had on bigger smiles than earlier in the day, not only because of the grandiose spread, but because everybody was truly happy to enjoy each other's company outside the workplace.

The party was at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine, a swanky seafood restaurant overlooking Downtown San Diego's stunning harbor. Mingling took place on the private patio where casual introductions to spouses, boyfriends, and the like took place. Some even came decked out in their best evening attire. Our Production Manager Tiffany Ferris looked extra classy in her sleeveless black dress and silver broad belt, while Manufacturer Ricardo Villava showed off his best suit while his lovely wife Andrea adorned his arm.

But I'd have to say the best dressed of the night was our Tech Support/System Solutions Manager Quang Trinh's wife, Sherrie, who came in looking super trendy in a ruffled get-up and ready to party with shimmering hair highlight that made all us girls admire her unique fashion sense.

After we enjoyed the fine wine and hors d'oeuvres, we shuffled into the dining room for dinner service. I got to sit in between our Business Development Leader Kristin Jensen and Warranty Officer Tracy Heale who were both coupled up. Unfortunately my mate couldn't make it, so I got a chance to toggle into interesting conversations between these four.

The spread as I mentioned earlier was marvelous -sushi made with the freshest fish, delectable short ribs and shrimp appetizers. What more could you ask for? Was my initial thought, until I saw the main course menu. It offered a variety of savory options, including Hawaiian Style Misoyaki Butterfish, Ribeye on the Bone and Roy's Classic Roasted Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi. And just when I thought I was too full consider desert, an assortment of chocolate-dipped, creme-filled, sugary pieces of heaven hit the table and I just couldn't say No Thank You. Which was okay because I wasn't the only one!

Our CEO Will Ferris got all sentimental when he took a few moments during dinner service to express his appreciation for all of our hard work. He even went the extra step to thank each one of us individually; even me - the new girl - which I think made us all feel a little more special.

But the night didn't end there.

Apparently at every company party there are a friendly few rounds of Dotworkz Trivia in which each winning round grants you an opportunity to win prizes raffled off. This year's prizes ranked from a $100 gift card to Sun Diego, a popular local beach apparel store, to Dell Netbook. But when I found out one of the prizes was the latest iPod Nano I crossed my fingers and closed my eyes tightly, thinking, please pick me, please pick me... and won it! To put it plainly, I was pretty stoked!

No one left empty handed. We all received a gift bag filled with goodies, including movie tickets, a company polo shirt, and a bottle of wine, as a sincere token of appreciation. The team left Roy's in high spirits, with big smiles marked on everyone's face, and everyone more energized and enthusiastic to create another productive year for Dotworkz.

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