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Static Camera Protection

Designed to withstand the environmental challenges of any climate application.

New 2011 S-Type professional grade outdoor video surveillance protection system. Optimized for high performance static video cameras, including the latest precision HD/megapixel network based systems. The S-Type couples internal active environmental control technologies with extra heavy duty construction, all at affordable prices.

The Dotworkz USA made S-Type is the next generation of platform stabilized, long life, trouble free, IP67 no compromise camera housing solution for surveillance video projects that simply cannot afford failure or to be impeded due to summer heat, ice build up or vandalism. Non corrosive high impact thermoplastic alloy outer shell allows for extra room to protect CCTV or IP fixed camera models, wireless radios, networking products, 3G/4G routers, or NVRs to be installed in a single airtight and temperature controlled enclosure.

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The Dotworkz S-Type Enclosure
Made in USA
S-Type Features at a glance  -  expand here to read more...
  • Light weight - Reduces swing weight (vibrations) when pole mounted to reduce camera movements and blurs.
  • Wind proof arm system - Arm option proven to reduce camera movements thus improving recording clarity and usefulness.
  • Impact resistant at all temperatures - Acts of vandalism including bullet impacts and rocks cannot crack or shatter our housings no matter what climate our housings face.
  • Non metallic - Long life protection will not corrode, rust, or oxidize; Perfect for wet conditions including piers, bridges and boats. Our thermoplastic alloy protects sensitive electronics from static discharge and bi-metal oxidation damage.
  • Recommended and approved - outdoor housing for extreme climates recommended and approved with all camera brands, including Axis, Pelco, Panasonic and Sony precision network cameras that require professional grade protection levels.
  • 3G/4G ready - Simple integration of wireless routers and air card systems, including easy to use line out power connections inside our Multi Volt Platform or MVP system. Integrated Omni-antennae mount for quick and easy wireless integrations.
  • Climate specific heating and cooling options- available with Active Cooling (COOLDOME™), De-icing (Ring of Fire), Tornado (hot humid protection), and even Solar ready (low watt heater and fans).
  • Wall mount ready - Integrated into all enclosures complete with a full line of optional mounting brackets to fit virtually every mounting scenario.
  • Easy to install - Mounts in seconds, most models include our MVP system which accepts all popular power inputs and converts it for your camera and other devices, a project life saver that makes installing quick and trouble free.
  • Room for cameras and wireless use - Indoor wireless devices safely protected and powered inside the housing with room to spare. Easy to integrate other electronics into the enclosure with most cameras.
  • Exchangeable exterior lens options - Clear lens for low light, tinted for schools or bullet resistant for remote extreme installs. All of our housings can accept many lens options.
  • Universally compatible - Works well with all brands and sizes of security camera products, including HD broadcast cameras.
  • IR ready - S-Type housing comes ready to fit a wide range of IR brands and models.
  • Low wattage solar ready kits - Get the most temperature protection possible for solar powered projects.
  • Our Thermal Isolation System consists of four engineered barriers; specialized thermoplastic outer frame, internal foil radiated barrier (resists UV and EMI), high R value closed foam thermal blanket with a airtight IP66 grade sealed and silica dried interior.
  • Made in the USA - Designed and hand built by people who know what security and quality mean to your project.

Dotworkz Gives You an Edge in ProtectionDotworkz Gives You an Edge in Protection

Dotworkz enclosures are not typical IP camera domes. Our flexible design, including our use of a composite-thermoplastic material, allows us to create housings that are ultra-durable, air-tight and support easy camera component installation. Our enclosures have an aesthetic look unlike any other.

Dotworkz maintains an extensive on-hand inventory to support fast delivery. Innovative design, fast shipments, and competitive prices are three benefits that make Dotworkz a smart choice for all outdoor camera project needs.

S-Type Main Features
  • IP and analog Fixed camera compatible
  • Designed to protect sensitive HD or megapixel cameras
  • IP67 level protection for extreme marine, dust, insect, and other conditions
  • Available with COOLDOME™, Ring-of-Fire, Tornado and Heater & Blower enviromental systems
  • Virtually indestructible, Heavy duty, Non Metallic, Non corrosive, flame resistant, vandal tough Polycarbonate Thermal Plastic alloy with lockable cover system

MVP (Multi Volt Platform)

Dotworkz Systems MVPThe S-Type features a Multi Volt Power (MVP) system, made to greatly simplify ordering and installation. This system allows for multiple input voltages stepping down to multiple camera voltage options in one "ready to install" unit, making outdoor camera setup simpler than ever.

MVP System Features:
  • Universal input voltages option 220 VAC, 110 VAC and 24 VAC/VDC
  • 24 VDC /12 VDC camera and component power
  • Easier, faster installation process - less time
  • Works with all cameras brands and models
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