DomeWizardPRO 10 foot, 25 foot, and 40 foot kits

DomeWizardPRO elevated cleaning kits are available in 3 length options – 10’, 25’ , and our 40’ long reach size.

The DomeWizardPRO saves time and makes cleaning tasks easy no matter what obstacles are in the way.

Starting at $250 – ORDER TODAY!

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Manufacturer of ruggedized outdoor camera housings for security, broadcast, cctv, transportation, and OEM markets.

DomeWizardPRO 10 Plus Foot Reach

April 2023: 10+ Foot Indoor Reach!

DomeWizardPRO 25 Plus Foot Reach

April 2023: 25+ Foot Reach!

DomeWizardPRO 40 Plus Foot Reach

April 2023: 40+ Foot Reach!

EV Charging Station Security

March 2021: EV Charging Station Security

BASH on Ford Raptor 2022

January 2022: Camera housings for all mobile applications

Dotworkz 2021 D2 vs Clutter

Sept 2021: Dotworkz D2 vs Clutter

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