US made Solar Hardware Solutions designed specifically for the IP video industry.

Turn-key remote power solutions allow for both easy installation and reliable long-term performance, and have been engineered to protect and power sensitive remote video hardware that require a consistent remote power source.

Remote power is made simple with Dotworkz Solar Systems kits. Our solar power systems are uniquely built for five days of autonomy, enabling our solutions to run without solar input during extended periods of harsh weather or extreme cloud cover. This is distinctive to the majority of solar hardware on the market which is sold for non-mission critical applications or as a backup power source. These generalized applications operate for only 24 hours without sunlight so corners can be cut in battery materials, life cycles and panel output.

Our solutions are engineered with the ability to combine IP or analog security cameras, wireless radios, 3G/4G broadband network devices, NVR’s, fiber modems, and other essential electronics with our solar ready outdoor camera housings. With 20 years of experience designing outdoor camera solutions, Dotworkz recognizes that using components of the highest proven quality is the only way to build true long-term reliability into our solar power packages. Each solution is custom engineered to insure maximum performance for your install location and video equipment draw. Our solar design staff is vastly knowledgeable in all camera brands (Pelco, Axis, Sony, Panasonic, Arecont, VideoIQ, etc.) and the specific processes required to power them efficiently.


  • The connections within the battery/control box are plug and play, making set up simple and completely tool-free.
  • Free lifetime tech support and installation services (additional fees required) are available with this system.
  • Simply let us know where you need power and what camera or cameras you will be using and our solar experts will design the correct system.

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Solar Base Hardware & Solar Eclipse Hardware

Main Features:

  • High efficiency charge controller (Greater energy harvesting from module/s)
  • Self-Preservation mode (shuts Load down automatically at 80% discharge)
  • Self-Healing mode (turns Load on automatically upon a 40% charge up)
  • AGM Batteries (Recharge 20% faster than Gel or Flooded)
  • Tool-Free Plug and Play Power connectors make it the industries easiest system to set up
  • Intrinsic Lightening Surge protector with alert relay and light indicator
  • Special Power and signal in one cable to the Load
  • Life Time technical support, and Installation services available
  • Eligible for the Federal 30% Tax credit program (ITC)
  • State Programs usually allow for Tax exempt status using ST-4.

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The Dotworkz product line is optimized for a wide range of video cameras including all powerful Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ), mini dome, fixed, static, IP, as well as the latest HD/Megapixel network cameras.

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