Withstanding anything the world can splash on it. Literally.

BASH’s Patented 12 Point Vibration Suppression System is IP68 Water Proof, And Is The Ultimate Water And Anti-Corrosion Protection for Marine Cameras.


BASH™ (Ballistic Anti-Shock Housing) is the first of its kind providing the ultimate mobilized marine security protection for your camera. BASH™ was designed to withstand anything that this world can throw at it, literally. BASH™ is engineered for vibration resistance and can withstand up to 2 meters (6.5′) of water without corroding.

Marine Industry Applications

  • Deck Observation
  • Dock Monitoring
  • Boat Security
  • Crew Safety

dotworkz 2016 marina industry BASH on Sail Boat Small

dotworkz underwater bash ip68 test small

  • Chemical/Salt Resistant with Passive/Active Cooling

  • Marine White Heat Resistant Thermoplastic Shell

  • Optional Integrated Outdoor Microphone

bash 2015 actual product small back rear angle marine

BASH™ Offers Unlimited Mounting Options with it’s Ultra Compact & Versatile Design

dotworkz 2015 bash marine is the ultimate marine and boat ready secuirty camera enclosures

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