Protect Your Camera with an Extreme Heat COOLDOME™ Camera Enclosure.

Our COOLDOME ™ product line provides the ultimate solution for hot climates such as deserts and extremely sunny areas. Every COOLDOME™ product can protect your camera and equipment from shutting down due to climate temperatures at up to 167° F / 75° C. See what happens when a camera fails under extreme hot climate.

How it Works

Our trusted 3 Stage Temperature Stabilization System is the reason why no other company can match our protection level for your camera and equipment.
The COOLDOME™ solid state cooling system and high-flow fans remove heat without air exchange into the sealed housing, thus controlling humidity that can cause lens fogging and component corrosion.

Automatic Protection
The COOLDOME™ turns on and off automatically at set temperature thresholds to generate up to a 45° F differential with the outside environment. In addition to preventing thermal shutdown, the lower temperature reduces wear on moving parts as well as damage to mounted wireless components, cell routers, and hard drives.

The COOLDOME™ is ideal for Broadcast, Security, CCTV, HD, and 4K Cameras. The controlled climate inside the enclosure allows the camera to operate at its desired temperature with no risk to overheating equipment.
For more than 13 years, COOLDOME™ has been used in a variety of mission critical applications, including NASA, Military, Police Departments, Casinos, Dams and border security operations.

  • COOLDOME™ Thermostatically controlled Active Cooling technology
  • Protects cameras at up to 167° F (75° C)
  • Can regulate up to a 45° F differential between the internal COOLDOME™ temperature and external temperature
  • Vandal Tough and IP66 Outdoor Rated Polycarbonate Thermal Plastic case
  • Heavy duty
  • Non-metallic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Flame resistant
  • Lockable cover

“The cooling of any camera during operations reduces air currents inside the lens body that could produce fuzzy, blurry, noisy images.” – Popular Camera Mfg Group

D2 Cooldome Infrared With Explanation

COOLDOME™ Brochures (PDF)

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