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Camera Detail
Camera Detail

For over 20 years Dotworkz has been a recognized leader in US based Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) fabrication for the outdoor camera markets. Located in San Diego, California, we can fast track all aspects of production and certifications. Our OEM team is ready to assist with safety certifications for cUL, UL, Rohs, CE, FCC and other Foreign Licensing needs.

Since 1998 Dotworkz has been focused on manufacturing the world’s best outdoor video products. We have seen our brand named housing designs change almost every aspect of the way people use outdoor video.

From active cooling that prevents cameras from overheating to curbing the effects of winter snow and freezing temps with the 65 watt “Ring of Fire” De-icing option. Our designs can be retooled and evolved to exactly what our OEM partners require for success. Dotworkz designs, engineers and manufactures products for many key companies serving security video, advertising, military, transportation and other industries.

With our established US based production processes, engineering, and certifications we have the know-how to get your video product fitted with the complimentary level of outdoor protection guaranteed to enhance your bottom line and market share.

domewizard 2020 multi surface cleaning tool from dotworkz npoy award new product of the year security today

We will change the way your cameras are sold and used.

We are:

  • US based manufacturing with quick turnaround
  • UL,ETL,RoHS,CE Compliance focused
  • Experts in optical/electrical/thermal engineering

Dotworkz outdoor CCTV/Network camera housings are more just pretty. Our housings have very unique features that have changed the way people use and install video surveillance. Every enclosure we sell has been designed to protect ALL the essential video components inside the housing. This means all the components such as Fiber modems, Wireless radios, 5G routers, LEDs, Sensors, even NVRS can safely fit inside with the camera.

100% reliability for security camera systems that are mounted remotely is critical.

Dotworkz housings don’t stop with just being waterproof. Dotworkz housings have the highest ingress protection levels available today. This means there is zero risk of exposure to water, salt, dust, or other hazardous material getting inside. All of our housings can be actively cooled or heated from the inside out. This means when temperature extremes hit your security cameras and critical components, they are protected. If you have a camera or component that requires a critical attention to detail our engineering team is ready and eager to assist.

dotworkz thermal resistant housings
dotworkz custom OEM Camera housings
Dotworkz custom OEM camera housing

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Why use a US Based OEM?

  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Reduced Costs from Non-International Shipping
  • Fast Track Safety Certification
  • Real Time Engineering Support
  • Proven OEM Track Record
  • Low to High Volume Capacities

Made in America – Offered to the World!

Made in the USADotworkz is proud to offer select OEM opportunities for our US built products. Dotworkz designs, engineers and manufacturers products for many large companies serving the security, advertising, military, transportation and other industries.

With over 25 years of established video system production and designs we have been instrumental in new product development while reducing costs and expediting new products to market. Please contact our Business Development department for further information.

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OEM/ODM Project Showcase

Dotworkz-CustomTrafficCameraHousing-ST-RF-2Fortified SType

Our design team was asked to create a branded support arm for our popular S-Type housing as well redesign our product so that would complement a new unified solution. This design required PoE, Heating, Active Cooling, UL, RoHand more. The end product became a high volume all weather housing solution for promoting a new camera with housing package for a major CCTV / IP camera manufacturer. Dotworkz was able to deliver volume, achieve UL certifications and meet rollout all under strict deadlines and budget requirements.

Dotworkz-CustomTrafficCameraHousingHDBLarge Broadcast PTZ housing

Dotworkz was asked to replicate a large form factor PTZ camera housing for a major broadcasting brand. The housing needed to look similar to the prior model but also be as plug and play as possible to insure the sales team was able to hit the ground running. This included UL/ ROHS and all packaging.   The housing was paired with the industrys top of the line cameras and is currently selling worldwide.

Dotworkz-CustomTrafficCameraHousingMSBMid size Broadcast brand solution

We created complete outdoor product line to fill a void for new camera brand entering the broadcast market. We were vetted to develop a solution for outdoor  ready housings asa package. This design allowed us to leverage our D2 / D3/ SType prebuilt products but make the needed changes in final production for a plug and play for the end clients experience. The solution did not require any NRE and is currently selling worldwide as a “made in the US product” with little to no supply chain delays.

Dotworkz-CustomTrafficCameraHousing-withhoodTraffic Safety

Many of our OEM and ODM designs start out with modifying our current products and lead into a new housing variant but many don’t. When we can use our existing product this ends up reducing NRE and speeds up the long UL certification process. We were asked to design our S-Type so that it could include Fiber modems, small form PC inside with the LPR camera in a zero glare environment. This resulted in a custom yet rapid turnaround for the clients county wide AI traffic control systems.

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