33 Stage Temperature Stabilization System

In other words, our products help control the temperature inside our enclosures providing a barrier from the fluctuating temperatures outside leading to an extended life of your cameras and equipment.

3 Stage Temperature Stabilization System - Isolate, Insulate, & Regulate

Isolate by Dotworkz ProductsIsolate
All housings are fully sealed and rated at IP68 (D Series) and IP66 (S-Type) providing protection from dust and water. We chose Polycarbonate Thermal Plastic for its non-conductive thermal properties and its unsurpassed strength providing the ultimate isolated protection against vandalism and temperature changes. Think of this enclosure like an ice chest for soft drinks at a BBQ. It keeps the heat out and protects the contents inside only our products are about 100 times stronger.

Insulate by Dotworkz ProductsInsulate
Polycarbonate Thermal Plastic also blocks the majority of heat trying to enter the enclosure. The insulated reflective padding has a 2 part temperature defense system that slows the remaining heat trying to enter (as seen on the COOLDOME™, Tornado, and Heater & Blower models) providing greater protection against temperature change from within the enclosure allowing your equipment to operate at its desired temperature with no dictation from the weather outside the enclosure.

Regulate by Dotworkz ProductsRegulate
There are three main types of temperature regulation options that dotworkz offers. The first uses active cooling (seen on the COOLDOME™ product line) which removes heat generated by the equipment. This active cooling process is what allows our products to extend the life of your cameras and equipment from deserts and hot climates in cities such as Las Vegas, Atlanta, Phoenix, Death Valley and even places where summer heat causes problems in areas such as New York, Texas, and Tornado Alley. The second uses a heater/blower system (seen on both the Heater & Blower and Ring of Fire product lines) that is thermostatically controlled giving you the ultimate climate control inside the enclosure. The Heater & Blower line is ideal for typical city climates such as Chicago, New York, San Diego, Seattle, and Miami.  While the Ring of Fire product line is ideal for colder climates such as Big Bear, Brian Head, Mammoth Mountain, Anchorage, Edmonton, North Dakota, all Ski Areas, even the North or South Poles. The third uses passive cooling (seen on the BASH product line) which uses thermal conductive material to transfer heat from the equipment. This passive cooling requires no extra power and transfers heat from the equipment inside to a special backing plate where it can be cooled from the outside air.

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The Dotworkz product line is optimized for a wide range of video cameras including all powerful Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ), mini dome, fixed, static, IP, as well as the latest HD/Megapixel network cameras.

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