Dotworkz PTZ and mini dome camera housings are very unique products, and are currently available two form factors, the D2 and D3. There are several factors that make the D Series unlike other models. The D Series shape is inspired by a modern-day SUV, using a different approach from the standard "tear drop" dome. This unique shape allows room to build a camera system specific to the needs of different environments and deployment situations. The D Series has five environmental options to work within any climate or purpose: Base Model for vandal and water protection (includes no internal electronics and is for indoor deployments); standard Heater & Blower (for cold/warm temperate climates); Tornado (for humid/coastal areas); Ring of Fire (for extreme cold); and COOLDOME™ (for extreme heat/arid/desert areas). The D Series hinge opening allows the space necessary to create an outdoor camera system that can include electronic components such as small network switches, video encoders to connect to existing analog cameras, indoor wireless solutions, etc. The D2 has roughly 964 cubic inches of volume, while the D3 has 50% more volume than the D2, at roughly 1,453 cubic inches. Dotworkz D Series enclosures eliminate the need to use high-cost outdoor-rated radios and wireless devices. More cost-effective indoor models are completely protected from the elements inside the D Series IP66 rated housings. This provides substantial saving per unit while improving aesthetics because there is no longer a need for multiple devices on a pole/wall. Everything is housed inside an aesthetically-pleasing, vandal-resistant, geographically-based weather-protected enclosure.

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