Extreme temperatures and humidity, dust and salt, maintenance and warranty, and vandalism, should always be considered when selecting a housing. Dotworkz offers products built for specific temperature and humidity ranges. One small heater fan can do very little in extreme climates, and specialized products are needed to accommodate weather specifications. Dotworks housings have an IP 66 rating, and effectively protects against dust and moisture in hostile environments. Dust and salt can begin building up on camera housing lower lenses 10 days after the initial installation. This can render video technology unusable and high-performance cameras inefficient in low light. This is why proper maintenance with the correct tools is a consideration that should not be over looked. Dotworkz offers a dome cleaner product suite designed to safely clean all shapes of exterior lenses and cameras housing from the ground-level. Dotworkz housings are vandal tough in that they are constructed from a virtually indestructible, heavy-duty, non-metallic, non-corrosive, and flame-resistant Polycarbonate Thermal Plastic with lockable cover system. Also, products with misleading marketing names such as "arctic" or "cooled" should be researched closely before purchasing. These "buzzword" terms often confuse the buyer into believing a product will perform a certain task, only to cause serious issues after installation because the housing is not equipped to handle the environmental conditions.

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