D2/D3 Internal Mount for Axis Q60 and Q60-E

Now you can mount your HD 1080p with 30x zoom Axis Q60 camera in a D2/D3

BR-Q60-E is the Axis Q60 Integration Pro Kit from Dotworkz, for D2 & D3 Housing enables indoor and outdoor versions of Axis Q60 & Q60-E series cameras to be installed into D Series Housings. Ideal for full integration of many accessories in a single camera housing, such as PoE Injectors or Switches, Mesh or Cellular Radio’s, combined with NVR’s, Network switches, and fiber converters all inside the same housing.

Allows Axis Q60-E, and Q60 indoor Camera models to be installed into D2 to provide unsurpassed Marine environment protection, & COOLDOME™ technology, or MVP powering of the popular Axis Q60 camera series. Provided in kit are brackets and mounting hardware to optimize dome viewing angles within D2 & D3 housings.


  • Converts and upgrades all Axis Q60 series cameras into D2 and D3 housings.
  • Heavy duty tiered construction to reduce camera shimmer
  • Add critical components to all Q60 Axis cameras
  • Upgrades camera to extreme housings models such as COOLDOME™, Ring of Fire, Solar, Vandal lens etc
  • Maintains all original camera features
  • Adds horizontal viewing angle range
  • Saves money when used with indoor camera models
  • Avoids the expense proprietary media cables and cabinets

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