NEW For AXIS cameras that have MIC audio out

Use a single cable to power and add audio to your Axis camera.

The KT-AXPA power & Audio accessory was created to provide a solution for customers who need a rugged yet cost effective solution to power the popular Axis P55 & Q60 cameras on via non-POE source, & capability to add a Microphone via inline 1/8” (3.5mm) Microphone Jack, to easily integrate this camera into Dotworkz D2 & D3 or other brands.

Easy to install simply power camera directly to available camera green power terminals of Dotworkz D Series MVP & 24V and attach other end to appropriate AXIS power input. For Microphone simply connect 3.5 mm Female mic out to suitable outdoor microphone (We recommend Dotworkz KT-MIC).

Simply camera power solution for Axis P55 series and Q60 cameras to be powered by 24VDC or 24VAC input voltages. Perfect for all non PoE applications or where direct power is preferred. An economical replacement of the Axis 5502-491 media cable/ line out cable from Axis.


  • Converts and upgrades all Axis Q60 series cameras into D2 and D3 housings.
  • Heavy duty tiered construction to reduce camera shimmer
  • Add critical components to all Q60 Axis cameras
  • Upgrades camera to extreme housings models such as COOLDOME™, Ring of Fire, Solar, Vandal lens etc
  • Maintains all original camera features
  • Adds horizontal viewing angle range
  • Saves money when used with indoor camera models
  • Avoids the expense proprietary media cables and cabinets

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