Sample Mobile Live Camera Vehicle System Build Out 101


Join the Dotworkz team as we likely create the most comprehensive live surveillance vehicle ever built. We will be installing over 8 external cameras ranging from HD, 4K, 360 degree, thermal, to night vision cameras. We will also be installing 3 separate V.A.N. systems, external VOIP powered audio, internal sound proofing, 3 aux power options, cloud recording and of course everything needed for sustained overland travel. Some of the cameras on board the Dotworkz security vehicle will be 100% live and online starting in January 2016. Follow us for a weekly update on how we transform a “one of a kind “2015 4×4 Sprinter van into live recording system. The Dotworkz security vehicle will be touring client destinations, trade shows, and live reporting in remote destinations and more. We will be using cloud streaming from HD Relay for all live streaming, timelapse, online recording, off line recording, and so much more. Look for us this spring at ISC West 2016, Expos, distributor events, and more. Follow the new “Tactical Camera” van on Facebook and tag us when you see it near you! #TCvan or #TCsprinter.


How to: Build Your Own Live Camera Equipped Security Vehicle Part 1

Attention creative professionals, marketers, live video professionals, existing HD Relay clients, and future entrepreneurs! Have you ever dreamed about installing and going live with state of the art HD cameras on trucks, boats, police cars, trains, buses, RV’s, off road vehicles, snow groomers, race cars, etc…? Then this build is for you! During the next few months we are hoping this project will inspire you to add live cameras to your mobile world.





To mount live cameras on moving vehicles it is important to understand how to best supply the camera(s) with power. For our demo rig we have used the 12VDC power harness from the Dotworkz BASH™ installation kit. If needed this kit can be extended to 20’-30’ with 10-14 gauge wire after purchase without much line loss issues since the cameras require low amperage on average. For two of the cameras we are using 12VDC that’s powered from one of the many aux power leads off the vehicle battery. You will want to use a fuse block and a vehicle rated electric relay so the on/off switched power is not running directly off the on/off rocker switch (all of this is included in the BASH™ cable harness). We also installed a 4 hour timer (see image) that will automatically turn off the camera and IR LEDS after 4 hours so the cams can be left on to record after the van ignition has been turned off. This timer will prevent any surprise battery issues. We will have two cameras running on the vehicle battery (front) and 6 cameras on a separate “house battery” (roof) bank in which these cameras will use PoE, Solar, and an AC power pure line inverter which will be explained over the next few weeks in detail.





The second consideration is where and how to securely mount cameras to a vehicle. For this we use the BASH™ camera housing system from Dotworkz. This is an incredible product for reducing vibration, safely securing with vandal resistance, and powering all most any small camera to a vehicle, RV, or boat. BASH™ is IP68+ waterproof and will not corrode in saltwater. BASH™ has many lens options starting with a protruded “bubble” lens, flat lens, and even a Ballistic or bomb proof lens. For our Demo Van we are using the BASH™ OG and BASH™ All Pro PoE. The OG models have this very high tech looking mirror finish that makes it almost impossible to see inside the housing even in bright sunlight it hides the camera extremely well and also keeps the cameras cooler. Since BASH™ is the same size as most driving lights it perfectly blends in on the front light bar of the van when it is mounted above the Ridged Industries IR LED light system. With Dotworkz there are many options for security bolts, bar mounts, and relayed wire harnesses that will be helping this install as well as many others. Outside of just looking great there are a number of important features we will explain in more depth when we pair the cameras to the BASH™ enclosures in future articles. Since the BASH™ housings needed a place to bolt on to we had Aluminess Automotive Parts and Dotworkz design the light bar and roof rack featured on the van.


More about BASH™: From mobile to marine our BASH™ enclosures protect your camera while providing the ultimate outdoor protection for all purposes and industries.

Products/Brands: Mercedes Sprinter, Aluminess, iluminar Inc, Rigid Industries, Dotworkz, Magnum Dimensions, Cradle Point, Ubiquiti, HD Relay, and more.

Part 2: Coming Soon…