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D2, D3, & S-Type models are designed for AXIS Cameras and Accessories. We’ve also designed the internal axis mounts specifically for AXIS cameras and ensuring they are 100% compatible and operational. All dotworkz products can be mounted to any surface in any environment. Pole mounts, corner mounts, emergency call-box raised mounts, roof mounts, swim arm mounts, mounting plates, antenna brackets, and more.

AXIS Camera Compatibility List

Dotworkz housings are 100% compatible with Axis Indoor Cameras including all of these axis models/series listed below:

D Series Compatibility List:

AXIS 214 PTZ Series: 214 PTZ

AXIS V59 Series: V59 PTZ, V5914 PTZ, V5915 PTZ

AXIS M30 Series: M3004-V, M3005-V, M3006-V, M3007-P(a), M3007-PV(b), M3014, M3024-LVE, M3025-VE, M3026-VE, M3027-PVE

AXIS M31-R Series: M3113-R, M3114-R

AXIS M32 Series: M3203(a), M3204(a)

AXIS M50 Series: M5013(a), M5013-V(b), M5014(a), M5014-V(b)

AXIS P32 Series: P3214-V(a)

AXIS P33 Series: P3301(a), P3304(a), P3346, P3346-V(a), P3354, P3364-LV(c), P3364-V(a), P3365-V(a), P3367-V(a), P3384-V(a)

AXIS P39-R Series: P3904-R, P3905-R, P3915-R

AXIS P55 Series: P5512(a), P5512-E(b), P5522(a), P5522-E(b), P5532(a), P5532-E(b), P5534(a), P5534-E(b)

AXIS Q35 Series: Q3505-V(a)

AXIS Q60 Series: Q6042, Q6042-E**, Q6044, Q6044-E**, Q6045, Q6045-E**

AXIS Q61 Series: Q6125-LE***, Q6128-E***, Q6154-E***, Q6155-E***

S-Type Compatibility List:

AXIS M10 Series: M1004-W, M1013, M1014, M1025, M1033-W, M1034-W, M1054

AXIS M11 Series: M1103, M1104, M1144-L, M1145(a)

AXIS P13 Series: P1353(a), P1354(a), P1355(a), P1357(a)

AXIS Q16 Series: Q1602(a), Q1604(a), Q1614(a), Q1615(a)

AXIS Q17 Series: Q1755(a)

Designed for Extreme Applications
Each dotworkz product is designed to withstand the harshest environments.

Axis Install Guide
Read about this 10 minute process for the: P55 Axis Camera or Q60 Axis Camera

Dotworkz Certifications UL Listed C US

Made in the USA

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The Dotworkz product line is optimized for a wide range of video cameras including all powerful Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ), mini dome, fixed, static, IP, as well as the latest HD/Megapixel network cameras.


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*Excludes some outdoor AXIS “E” models.