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The S-Type is the ultimate for AXIS camera video surveillance protection system on the market. The S-Type is optimized for all AXIS static video cameras. Our use of a composite-thermoplastic material, allows us to create housings designed for AXIS cameras that are ultra-durable, air-tight and support easy camera component installation. Our enclosures have an aesthetic look unlike any other.

  • AXIS IP/Network, analog, fixed, and static camera compatible.
  • IP66 level protection for extreme marine, dust, insect, and other conditions.
  • Available with COOLDOME™, Ring-of-Fire, Tornado and Heater & Blower environmental systems.
  • Virtually indestructible, heavy duty, non-metallic, non-corrosive, bullet resistant, flame resistant, vandal tough polycarbonate thermal plastic with lockable cover system.

AXIS Compatible Camera Enclosures S-Type

AXIS Camera Compatibility List

Dotworkz housings are 100% compatible with Axis Indoor Cameras including all of these Axis models/series listed below:

AXIS M10 Series: M1004-W, M1013, M1014, M1025, M1033-W, M1034-W, M1054

AXIS M11 Series: M1103, M1104, M1144-L, M1145(a)

AXIS P13 Series: P1353(a), P1354(a), P1355(a), P1357(a)

AXIS Q16 Series: Q1602(a), Q1604(a), Q1614(a), Q1615(a)

AXIS Q17 Series: Q1755(a)

Popular AXIS Cameras:

AXIS Fixed, AXIS Static, and AXIS Lightfinder

AXIS P1354 Cameras for Compatible Enclosures made by Dotworkz
AXIS P1354

AXIS M1144 Cameras for Compatible Enclosures made by Dotworkz
AXIS M1144

AXIS Q1604 Cameras for Compatible Enclosures made by Dotworkz
AXIS Q1604

Designed for Extreme Applications
Each dotworkz product is designed to withstand the harshest environments.

Axis Install Guide
Read about this 10 minute process for the: P55 Axis Camera or Q60 Axis Camera

Dotworkz Certifications UL Listed C US

Made in the USA

Featured Products

The Dotworkz product line is optimized for a wide range of video cameras including all powerful Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ), mini dome, fixed, static, IP, as well as the latest HD/Megapixel network cameras.


D Series by Dotworkz

S-Type by Dotworkz

Accessories by Dotworkz

*Excludes some outdoor AXIS “E” models.