What are some selection criteria when selecting housings?

Extreme temperatures and humidity, dust and salt, maintenance and warranty, and vandalism, should always be considered when selecting a housing. Dotworkz offers products built for specific temperature and humidity ranges. One small heater fan can do very little in extreme climates, and specialized products are needed to accommodate weather specifications. Dotworks housings have an IP

How do high-end offerings differ from low-end ones?

Most low-end products look good initially, however over time many unforeseen problems present themselves. Issues such as insect nesting inside the camera housing and lens can seem minor, however it severely compromises a camera’s vision within 6 months of the installation date; resulting in an expensive service call. Similar issues can be seen when water

How can long-term reliability be tested?

Dotworkz has been deploying extreme housings in all corners of the world since 1998, and the feedback gained from clients in these areas goes straight into product designs. This allows Dotworkz to continue creating and updating high-quality products meant for long-term use. Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF): The predicted elapsed time between inherent failures of

Why does Dotworkz provide so many climate control options?

Dotworkz understands the challenges of placing sensitive electronics (network cameras, micro NVRs, 4G wireless, etc.) into hostile and remote location. The proper hardware must be used so the system can perform in the in the harshest environments. Dotworkz considers the housing’s internal temperature controls to be a key factor for a reliable deployment. For example,